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Mou Leu Chol covers her 2-year old son Yuel with a tattered mosquito net in Bor, a city in South Sudan's Jonglei State that has been the scene of fierce fighting in recent months between the country's military and anti-government rebels. After fighting broke out in mid December 2013, control of the town changed hands four times in a few weeks. ACT Alliance members were among the first humanitarian agencies to enter the city in January 2014, and are providing services to thousands of people who are cautiously returning home to the troubled city. Chol came to Bor in March 2014 to escape continued fighting in nearby Duk County. She and her husband assembled their new home out of the scraps of building materials they found here. She will soon replace her old mosquito net with a new one she received in a household package given to her by Dan Church Aid and the Lutheran World Federation, both members of the ACT Alliance. The package also contained plastic sheeting, cooking pots, a machete, mats, and other essential items.