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Khaled Abu Khater harvests tomatoes in a greenhouse in Al Fukari, Gaza. He grows vegetables in several greenhouses, using water from a rain water catchment system to fill a giant pond. That water he mixes with increasingly saline groundwater from a well. The system allows him to produce a greater quantity of more lucrative crops, at greater profit because he has to buy less water. Khater and several other farmers in the community received assistance in building the system from Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, a member of the ACT Alliance. In the wake of the devastating 2014 war, ACT Alliance members are supporting health care, vocational training, rehabilitation of housing and water systems, psycho-social care, and other humanitarian actions throughout the besieged Palestinian territory. Quality water is growing increasingly scarce in Gaza, as Israel drains the aquifer for its own development, pulling salt water into the aquifer from the west.