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A woman in the Petionville Camp at the edge of Port au Prince, Haiti, is interviewed by police officials after lodging a domestic violence complaint against her husband. Some 50,000 residents are packed onto what was once a golf course, and the close quarters and frustration at lack of employment and other opportunities contributes to tensions, according to Pascal Rwatangabo (right), a Rwandan officer with the United Nations MINUSTAH police force. "With nothing to do but sit in their tent all day under the sun, it's not surprising to see problems," Rwatangabo said. "And when the men start drinking, it's even worse. Yet when we start to arrest a man for a violent crime, the woman will often plead with us to let him go, because she realizes her precarious economic situation will deteriorate if the man is not there, even though his violent behavior may continue." Also present was MINUSTAH official Aphrodis Nkandineza (center). The Petionville Camp is the largest camp of hundreds of locales hosting more than a million people left homeless by the January 12, 2010 quake.