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Bassem Yahiya holds his son while his wife Muhga Hamdan and daughter sit beside him. The family fled fighting in Latakia, Syria, and are sleeping in a tent in a camp for refugees on the Greek island of Chios.<br />
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"Life was bad. My house was bombed. There was nothing left. there was no work. There was no water. We left and spent four months in Turkey, but it was like a prison. So now we're going to Holland, where a sister and brother live. I'm going to like living in Holland," said Hamdan.<br />
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The family crossed the Aegean Sea in a small boat from Turkey. They were registered and provided with food and shelter in a reception center built with support from International Orthodox Christian Charities, a member of the ACT Alliance. From Chios they will go to Athens and then on toward western Europe. Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants have passed through Greece in 2015.