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Johnny Thomsen (left) and Fred Gras, explosive ordnance disposal technicians, inspect on June 16 a Tomahawk cruise missile which failed to explode after being fired by NATO forces at a target in Misrata, the besieged Libyan city where civilians and rebel forces are surrounded on three sides by forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Thomsen, from Denmark, is part of a team from the ACT Alliance which arrived in Misrata on June 13. He works with the humanitarian mine action program of DanChurchAid, which is a member of the ACT Alliance. Gras works with the Mines Advisory Group, which is working in partnership with the ACT Alliance team in Misrata. The two groups are concerned about the threat posed to the civilian population of the area by unexploded ordnance.  Photo by Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance.