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Anouk Noel, 30, is one of 600 people living with disabilities in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, who have received a six-month, US$75 per month grant from Church World Service, a member of the ACT Alliance. Working with Service Chretien d´Haiti and the Cuban Council of Churches, CWS has provided a variety of emergency services to people living with disabilities since the devastating January 2010 quake ravaged the capital city and nearby areas. Noel's family has used the CWS grant to purchase cosmetic items that family members have then resold on the market, earning a profit to support the family. The home Noel shares with her family has also been repaired as part of the CWS program, allowing Noel to return to her home in November following nine months in one of Port-au-Prince's crowded tent cities. "I had given up hope that we'd be able to come back," she says. Noel has also joined other disabled persons during regular emotional recovery events, often singing solo during the gatherings. Noel is an achondroplastic dwarf, and has lost the use of her legs. Here she sits in her wheelchair just outside her rebuilt home.