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Father Mario Benedetti, a 75-year old Comboni priest from Italy, celebrates Mass in  the chapel of the Makpandu refugee camp, a ramshackle collection of huts with mud walls and thatched roofs spread through a remote section of forest 40 kilometers from Yambio, the capital of Western Equatoria State in the newly independent South Sudan. More than 3,000 people live in the camp, having fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2008 when the Lord's Resistance Army started a murderous rampage through the area. In recent months the Congolese have been experiencing harassment and insults from the local population. Religious workers say the refugees want to go home to the Congo, but not until Joseph Kony and the LRA are removed. The portrait hanging in the upper left of the image is St. Daniel Comboni. Fr. Benedetti accompanied the refugees to the camp when the fled the Congo.