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Refugees in Europe

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Mayada Ari was a math teacher in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, when the fighting caused her eyesight to deteriorate, and she was constantly afraid for her children. So she and her husband and their four kids set off for western Europe. "We heard that the best life is in Germany," she said. They traversed Turkey and Greece and Macedonia and Serbia until arriving in Hungary. She said the journey has been difficult and dangerous. "But it was more dangerous to remain at home," she said.<br />
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In this image, she cuddles a daughter as they shiver in the cold night air as the family leaves the Hungarian town of Hegyeshalom and prepares to cross the border into Austria. <br />
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At the border crossing, she and her family received food and blankets from Hungarian Interchurch Aid, a member of the ACT Alliance. <br />
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Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants flowed through Hungary in 2015, on their way to western Europe from Syria, Iraq and other countries.