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Indonesia Tsunami+10

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Nurul Huda fishes from his small fishing boat off the Indonesian island of Nias. Huda, a resident of the seaside village of Olora, survived a giant March 2005 earthquake on Nias, yet lost much of his fishing equipment. Church World Service, a member of the ACT Alliance, provided new nets and boats for the fishers of Olora, allowing them to restart their lives. Yet fish have grown scarce in recent years, while fuel prices have risen, making it harder for fishers to earn a living. Huda no longer can afford a motor, and so fishes closer to the island, where the fish are smaller. Climate change has also made it more difficult to predict fish movements, and changing weather patterns can surprise the fishermen at sea. Huda, not surprisingly, wonders if his 16-year old son should pursue another line of work.